How to kill a fly without breaking a sweat

I never used to believe there was a real art to killing a fly. You know – that one annoying fly that keeps buzzing around your head while you are trying to do some serious work; The one that buzzes on your laptop screen and then moves on to your dumsor LED lamp. Today, I became a believer of the fly Swatter.

It was early in the morning (about 4am) the dog was howling outside with his deep base. I was trying to quickly update a report and then head back to bed. Then the fly happened.
After numerous attempts to kill the fly with my hand and my notebook while avoiding making any thunderous noises to wake my half asleep husband, I decided to put to test the fly Swatter I had got from orca (mostly because it was GHS 3 for a pack of 3) a few weeks ago.

The result? See for yourself

IMG_1029 this took about 10s and who the joy to hear the quick swoosh and bam! No more fly 🙂

The whole incident brought back fond memories of my beloved aunt Ellen, now of blessed memory. She used to chase those flies like she was on a mission.

So despite the fact that it’s now 5.30am and I haven’t finished my work because I was distracted by a fly and then by writing this post, I can smile because:

1. I now have peace;
2. I pulled out a good memory of my aunt.

There folks, starts my Thursday morning. #CarpeDiem

PS I am not sure this qualifies as a post PETA will be after me for but hey sometimes you gotta live and let live… Or maybe not.

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